25 things every small business should automate

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We love to develop small and medium businesses

We know small business first hand

Building a small/medium business is not easy. We know it first hand. In many small businesses, administrative tasks take over the valuable time that should have been used to attract and serve clients.

Automation is not magic

There are many automation solutions in the market. Deciding, sourcing and implementing the right tool in your business is not easy.

We are here to help

We analyse your business processes and use our experience to help you design the best system for your needs

We pin down success

Our clients see results from the first month of implementation. And the best part is, the effort from their side is minimal.

How can small businesses benefit

Their are many benefits to implementing sales and marketing automation. See a few examples in our free guide below.

Increase Leads

Create ways to capture more leads for your business using different channels. It is no longer enough to rely on word of mouth. Successful business owners know how to harness both online and offline channels.

Increase conversions

People buy from people they know like and trust. In order to build this relationship with as many prospects as possible, you need to create better ways to understand and address their needs.

Save time

We all want to have happy customers and to run our business smoothly. In order to be able to serve as many people as possible, we need to have systems in place so we can save valuable time.

“After one month of working with Sophia, my leads increased by 200% and by conversion rate by 1,5%. And the best part of all, I didn't have to do anything.”

-Stephanie LaTorre EGM Management Consultant

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